U.S Embassy in Jerusalem: What does it mean?

On December 6, U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israeli  Capitol. What does this mean for the U.S., Israel, Palestine and the Arab world?

For one, many believe this is a forfeit of the United States’ ability to be the unbiased referee in relations between Palestine and Israel. On one hand, Palestine feels insulted. On the other, however, Israel is already looking to other nation-candidates to line up behind the USA.

This should be no surprise to most. In his campaign,  President Trump promised to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is one of the key issues in the Israeli – Palestinian peace process. Both want her as their capitol. In 1947, Jerusalem was to be established, under UN General Assembly resolution 181 , a corpus separatum (a separate body), its own international city. (under UN control)  this was in order to preserve the importance of Jerusalem and its association with 3 world religions. on Good Friday 1949 the Vatican expressed its favor of Jerusalem as an interational city (under UN control or a related organization)  in the Redemptoris nostri cruciatus.

Currently in Jerusalem a little less than two thirds  of the residents are Jewish. and a little over a third  is Arab. Israel declared the entire Jerusalem as its capitol- (and still considers this). Years later the US Congress n 1995 announced that it will be relocating its embassy to Jerusalem, but it has been postponed by US presidents since then.

Trump is ending the postponing . Israel loves this; Palestine not so much. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has looked to other world leaders  such as Russia and Jordan to help change Trump’s mind.

Religiously, Israel in the hands of the West is already an abomination.  At least, according to the Muslim world (especially the radical /extremist side). At the very least, they reject Isreali sovereignty in east Jerusalem. The forecast for the future is cloudy as we see what major world actors do next.

Who will own Jerusalem, Israel? Will it be shared with Palestine? On the other hand, wahat will Jerusalem as a separate entity look like for us? Will it look like the UN, or maybe D.C., or would it look like the Vatican?

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