Happy Reformation Day

I am happy to get our first post out before the day ends. (It was originally posted on the on Reformation Day) I intend to cover the worldwide and local events as they affect the Christian. I disclaim an endorsement from any religious institution. These are my beliefs and thoughts.

As the Anniversary of Protestantism winds to a close, we would like to encourage the Christian to keep his/her eyes open (Matt 24:4)
Today the Catholic and Lutheran leaders issued a joint statement begging forgiveness for “wounding” the Church as they progress toward unity. They continued to use this language as they long for this “wound” to be healed (But we know that the wound will would be healed; Rev 13:3).
John 17:21 was quoted, advocating that this is the same unity that Christ prayed for. But let us not sacrifice truth for harmony. Jesus prays for “sanctify them through thy truth”. (17:17) before he prayed for unity. Otherwise we advocate for an contaminated union. How can we expect God to become one with an unsanctified body?

Let us keep vigilant and let’s keep our eyes open.

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